How to stay under the radar?

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Here are a few tips on how to ride your motorcycle without attracting attention to yourself, and avoiding the cops.



1) Find a Pace Car

This is an excellent tactic to avoid being caught on radar. You should find a car that is going the same speed or slightly faster than you wish to be, and drive behind it. That way, the car will attract the police’s attention, and you are free to go on riding.

2) Stay Within A Pack

A better way to stay clear off the radar is to travel with a pack of vehicles, not just one. Get yourself nested into a group of vehicles travelling the same pace you’d like to ride, and thus avoid drawing attention. But make sure you are in the middle of the pack, because in the front you are the target, and in the back, you’re the first to be pulled up from behind.

3) Watch for Brake Lights

Every now and then pay attention to the car that is far in front. If that car suddenly hits the breaks, there has to be a reason. Sometimes it’s something unexpected on the road, or he missed a turn, but often times he spotted a traffic cop or a radar. You should also see what other cars closest to him are doing, and act accordingly. Since you are so far behind, you shouldn’t have any problems.


4) Ride Safe & Sane

If you are keen on driving faster than normal, do it low key. Don’t pass from the right, or make sudden lane changes. Even if you aren’t attracting the cop’s attention, some of the drivers might be ticked off and feel the need to call the Highway Patrol and give them your description.

5) Keep Right

Even though it isn’t necessarily obvious, patrol officers interpret lanes a bit differently. If there is no one in the right lane, and you are on the left, chances are you are speeding in order to avoid anything that may come your way, and thus they’ll probably pull you over. So driver on the right where you can.

6) Watch for Lurkers

Pay attention on places that are near rest areas, and adjust your speed in those areas. Cops need breaks for bathroom and coffee as well, so they might often hide near those places and lurk about.

7) Small Town limit

If you are driving through a small town, and you are just passing through, or staying a while, stick to the speed limit. The officers here probably won’t look to kindly to your driving or let you off with just a warning.

8) Weekend Warrior

On the weekend the patrols are heavier. Avoid speeding on Friday and Saturday nights, because cops will probably pull you over, even for a routine check. So you should do well not to give them a reason to stop you in the first place. Also, the chances are there are going to be drunk drivers, so you should be extra careful not to end your ride in an accident.


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