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Yamaha TRX850 (4NX) Specification & Pictures

Model: TRX850 (4nx~1998 onwards)
Capacity: 849cc
Bore/Stroke: 89.5X67.5mm
Weight: 194kg
Tyre size: Rear: 160/60/17, Front: 120/60/17
Fuel cap.: 18+3.5Litres

Spec's: Tube steel 'Trellis Type' frame - Twin front disc - Brembo brakes.
Available Paint Jobs: Red with White Frame and Black with White Frame.

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Blue R2 Colour
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wpe4.jpg (2095 bytes)
Black (Red Frame)
wpe10.jpg (2718 bytes)
White (Red Frame)
trx850blackt.jpg (25004 bytes)
wpe10.jpg (2679 bytes)
Black White Frame

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