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Yamaha FJ1200 Specification & Pictures

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Model: FJ1200 (4CC)
Capacity: 1188cc
Bore/Stroke: 77.0 X 63.8mm
Weight: 242kg
Tyre size: Rear:150/80/16 Front:120/70/17
Fuel cap.: 22 + 5Litres


The FJ1200 is one of Yamaha’s best all round and most popular tourers with a comfortable seating position for rider and pillion awesome brakes and great handling. The FJ1200 is a versatile bike whether it's a long trip around town or quick blast over the mountains, this bike is capable in all situations. One of the nicest motors ever built with torque throughout the rev range. When considering a bike for touring or even as a daily workhorse this is one you should look at closely. This bike has reached legendary status in Australia.....they don’t come much better!

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Silver White
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White Silver Blue
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Blue Red
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Blue White
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Red White
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Brown Black
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