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Honda GL1500 Specification & Pictures

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Model: GL1500
Capacity: 1520cc (Flat Six)
Bore/Stroke: 71.0 X 64.0mm
Valve Train: Belt-driven overhead camshaft
Comp Ratio: 9.8:1 (213psi)
Weight: Aus:364kg Calif Model:365Kg
Wet Weight: Aus:399kg Calif Model:400kg
Tyre size: Rear:160/80/16 Front:130/70/18
Fuel cap.: 24 + 5.3 Litre
Overall Length 2615mm
Overall Width 955mm
Overall Height 1495mm
Seat Height 740mm
Wheel Base 1690mm
Grnd Clearance 115mm
Engine Weight 126kg

Horizontal six cylinder motor, reverse gear, cruise control, adjustable air suspension, radio cassette, adjustable screen, belt driven cams, luxury seating positions for two and silky smooth motor. Don't forget the three luggage compartments, air scoops and intergrated brakes. Honda spent a huge amount of time on testing and development to make this the ultimate touring bike. This really is the "King Of The Road" and sets the bench mark for all other tourers.

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