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Yamaha VMax 1200 (2WE) Specification & Pictures

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Model: VMax 1200
Capacity: 1198cc
Stroke: 4
Weight: 262kg
Tyre size: Rear: 110/90/18, Front: 150/90/15
Fuel cap.: 15 Litre

The "full-power" Yamaha V-MAX is a one of a kind... you really need to ride a V-MAX to appreciate a bike like this. The V-four 1200cc motor has heaps of torque and is a straight out muscle bike. If you want something different that's lots of fun, this bike is for you. Check out my V-Max here... Terry

Spec's: Water cooled V4 four stroke motor - Shaft driven - Steel Cradle frame - Twin front disc - Collector box & twin muffler - High horsepower with a lot of torque.

Available Paint Jobs: Black, Yellow, Red etc.

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Black Silver Checker
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Silver (Pearl)
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Grey (Carbon Fibre)
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Yellow Flames
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Blue Flames
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Green Flames
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Candy Red Flames
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Candy Red

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