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Yamaha XV1100 VIRAGO (1TE) Specification & Pictures

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Model: XV1100 VIRAGO (ITE)
Capacity: 1063cc
Stroke: 4
Weight: 221kg
Tyre size: Rear: 140/90/15, Front: 100/90/19
Fuel cap.: 17 Litre

Arguably Australia's best cruiser ...what a statement! This cruiser really takes some beating.  Very reliable, easy to handle and a pleasure to ride. A bike that is renowned world wide for it's grunty v-twin air cooled motor with good torque and excellent reliability.  A comfortable riding position for those long trips this bike is made for fun.

: Air cooled four stroke motor with two valves per cylinder head - Chain driven camshafts - Steel Cradle frame - Twin front disc - Collector box & twin muffler.

Available Paint Jobs: Black/White etc.

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Blue White
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Black Grey
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Maroon Brown
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Black White

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